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Example Condition: InterweaveConditionExample

Generated Narrative

Resource "InterweaveConditionExample" Version "InterweaveConditionExample-v1.0.0" Updated "2022-02-01 09:37:00+0000"

Profiles: InterweaveCondition, CareConnect-Condition-1


identifier: id: RCB.COND-456-XYZ

clinicalStatus: active

code: Paraffinoma of skin (SNOMED CT#299007)

bodySite: Skin of ear lobule (SNOMED CT#2059009)

subject: Patient/InterweavePatientExample-MustSupport: Mr Fred BLOGGS " BLOGGS"

context: Encounter/InterweaveEncounterExample-MaturityLevel1

onset: 2020-04-01 12:00:00+0000

abatement: During summer holidays 2021

assertedDate: 2020-06-09 09:00:00+0000

asserter: Practitioner/InterweavePractitionerExample: Dr Jane BLOGGS " BLOGGS"