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Example Procedure: InterweaveProcedureExample

Generated Narrative

Resource "InterweaveProcedureExample" Version "InterweaveProcedureExample-v1.0.0" Updated "2022-02-01 09:37:00+0000"

Profiles: InterweaveProcedure, CareConnect-Procedure-1


identifier: id: RCB.PROC-456-XYZ

status: completed

category: Surgical procedure (SNOMED CT#387713003)

code: Repair of malunion of tibia (SNOMED CT#445004)

subject: Patient/InterweavePatientExample-MustSupport: Mr Fred BLOGGS " BLOGGS"

context: Encounter/InterweaveEncounterExample-MaturityLevel1

performed: 2022-01-09 09:00:00+0000

outcome: Successful (SNOMED CT#385669000)

followUp: Change of dressing (SNOMED CT#18949003)