Interweave Implementation Guide
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Example Location: InterweaveLocationWardExample1

Generated Narrative: Location

Resource Location "InterweaveLocationWardExample1" Version "InterweaveLocationExampleWard27-v1.0.0" Updated "2022-02-01 09:37:00+0000"

Profiles: InterweaveLocation, CareConnect-Location-1


identifier: id: RCB.LOC-XYZ456

status: active

name: York Hospital: Jubilee Building: Ward 27

mode: instance

type: Dermatology clinic (v3 Code System RoleCode#DERM)

telecom: ph: 01234 345345

physicalType: Ward (LocationType#wa)

managingOrganization: Organization/InterweaveOrganizationExample: York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust "York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust"

partOf: Location/InterweaveLocationBuildingExample: York Hospital:Jubilee Building "York Hospital: Jubilee Building"