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CodeSystem: Care Connect Ethnic Category

Official URL: Version: 0.1.0
Draft as of 2018-11-02 Computable Name: Care Connect Ethnic Category

A CodeSystem to identify the ethnicity of a Person, as specified by the Person. This vocabulary describes a persons ethnic category, it is an extension of the Ethnic Category Code described in the NHS Data Model and Dictionary.

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system defines the following codes:

A British, Mixed British
B Irish
C Any other White background
C2 Northern Irish
C3 Other white, white unspecified
CA English
CB Scottish
CC Welsh
CD Cornish
CE Cypriot (part not stated)
CF Greek
CG Greek Cypriot
CH Turkish
CJ Turkish Cypriot
CK Italian
CL Irish Traveller
CM Traveller
CN Gypsy/Romany
CP Polish
CQ All republics which made up the former USSR
CR Kosovan
CS Albanian
CT Bosnian
CU Croatian
CV Serbian
CW Other republics which made up the former Yugoslavia
CX Mixed white
CY Other white European, European unspecified, European mixed
D White and Black Caribbean
E White and Black African
F White and Asian
G Any other mixed background
GA Black and Asian
GB Black and Chinese
GC Black and White
GD Chinese and White
GE Asian and Chinese
GF Other Mixed, Mixed Unspecified
H Indian or British Indian
J Pakistani or British Pakistani
K Bangladeshi or British Bangladeshi
L Any other Asian background
LA Mixed Asian
LB Punjabi
LC Kashmiri
LD East African Asian
LE Sri Lanka
LF Tamil
LG Sinhalese
LH British Asian
LJ Caribbean Asian
LK Other Asian, Asian unspecified
M Caribbean
N African
P Any other Black background
PA Somali
PB Mixed Black
PC Nigerian
PD Black British
PE Other Black, Black unspecified
R Chinese
S Any other ethnic group
SA Vietnamese
SB Japanese
SC Filipino
SD Malaysian
SE Any Other Group
Z Not stated