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CodeSystem: Care Connect SDS Job Role Name

Official URL: Version: 0.1.0
Draft as of 2018-11-01 Computable Name: Care Connect SDS Job Role Name

Copyright/Legal: Copyright © 2016 HL7 UK

A CodeSystem that identifies the job role associated with the person on the smart card. This consists of a set of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) codes. This code list is externally maintained.

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:

This code system defines the following codes:

R0010 Medical Director
R0020 Clinical Director - Medical
R0210 Director of Public Health
R0030 Professor
R0040 Senior Lecturer
R0050 Consultant
R0060 Special Salary Scale in Public Health Medicine
R0070 Associate Specialist
R0080 Staff Grade
R0090 Hospital Practitioner
R0100 Clinical Assistant
R0110 Specialist Registrar
R0120 Senior Registrar (Closed)
R0130 Registrar (Closed)
R0140 Senior House Officer
R0150 House Officer - Pre Registration
R0160 House Officer - Post Registration
R0170 Trust Grade Doctor - House Officer level
R0180 Trust Grade Doctor - SHO level
R0190 Trust Grade Doctor - Specialist Registrar level
R0200 Trust Grade Doctor - Career Grade level
R0260 General Medical Practitioner
R0270 Salaried General Practitioner
R1981 Psychiatrist
R1984 Health Records Administrator
R6200 GP Registrar
R6300 Sessional GP
R7140 ODP
R7150 SODP
R9100 A&E Staff Nurse (Temporary) London Cluster Only
R9101 A&E Manager (Temporary) London Cluster Only
R9102 A&E Doctor (Temporary) London Cluster only
R9103 A&E Student (Temporary) London Cluster Only
R9104 A&E Clerk (Temporary) London Cluster Only
R0215 Assistant Clinical Medical Officer
R0220 Clinical Medical Officer
R0230 Senior Clinical Medical Officer
R0240 Other Community Health Service
R0243 Other Community Health Service - Social Care Worker
R0247 Other Community Health Service - Admin Clerk
R0055 Dental Surgeon acting as Hospital Consultant
R0250 General Dental Practitioner
R0280 Regional Dental Officer
R0290 Dental Clinical Director - Dental
R0295 Dental Assistant Clinical Director
R0300 Dental Officer
R0310 Senior Dental Officer
R0320 Salaried Dental Practitioner
R0006 Student Community Practitioner
R0330 Student Nurse - Adult Branch
R0340 Student Nurse - Child Branch
R0350 Student Nurse - Mental Health Branch
R0360 Student Nurse - Learning Disabilities Branch
R0370 Student Midwife
R0380 Student Health Visitor
R0390 Student District Nurse
R0400 Student School Nurse
R0410 Student Practice Nurse
R0420 Student Occupational Health Nurse
R0430 Student Community Paediatric Nurse
R0440 Student Community Mental Health Nurse
R0450 Student Community Learning Disabilities Nurse
R0460 Student Chiropodist
R0470 Student Dietitian
R0480 Student Occupational Therapist
R0490 Student Orthoptist
R0500 Student Physiotherapist
R0510 Student Radiographer - Diagnostic
R0520 Student Radiographer - Therapeutic
R0530 Student Speech & Language Therapist
R0540 Art, Music & Drama Student
R0550 Student Psychotherapist
R6400 Medical Student
R0560 Director of Nursing
R0580 Nurse Manager
R0610 Sister/Charge Nurse
R1976 Community Team Manager
R0570 Nurse Consultant
R0600 Specialist Nurse Practitioner
R0620 Staff Nurse
R0630 Enrolled Nurse
R0690 Community Practitioner
R0700 Community Nurse
R1974 Community Learning Disabilities Nurse
R1975 Community Mental Health Nurse
R0590 Modern Matron
R1972 Clinical Team Manager
R0640 Midwife - Consultant
R0650 Midwife - Specialist Practitioner
R0660 Midwife - Manager
R0670 Midwife - Sister/Charge Nurse
R0680 Midwife
R0018 Audiologist
R0750 Chiropodist/Podiatrist
R0760 Chiropodist/Podiatrist Consultant
R0770 Chiropodist/Podiatrist Manager
R0780 Chiropodist/Podiatrist Specialist Practitioner
R0790 Dietitian
R0800 Dietitian Consultant
R0810 Dietitian Manager
R0820 Dietitian Specialist Practitioner
R0950 Occupational Therapist
R0960 Occupational Therapist Consultant
R0970 Occupational Therapist Manager
R0980 Occupational Therapy Specialist Practitioner
R0990 Orthoptist
R1000 Orthoptist Consultant
R1010 Orthoptist Manager
R1020 Orthoptist Specialist Practitioner
R1110 Physiotherapist
R1120 Physiotherapist Consultant
R1130 Physiotherapist Manager
R1140 Physiotherapist Specialist Practitioner
R1070 Paramedic
R1080 Paramedic Consultant
R1090 Paramedic Manager
R1100 Paramedic Specialist Practitioner
R0003 Clinical Application Administrator
R0012 Radiographer
R0013 Student Radiographer
R0014 Radiologist
R0015 PACS Administrator
R0016 Reporting Radiographer
R0017 Assistant Practitioner
R1190 Radiographer - Diagnostic
R1200 Radiographer - Diagnostic, Consultant
R1210 Radiographer - Diagnostic, Manager
R1220 Radiographer - Diagnostic, Specialist Practitioner
R1230 Radiographer - Therapeutic
R1240 Radiographer - Therapeutic, Consultant
R1250 Radiographer - Therapeutic, Manager
R1260 Radiographer - Therapeutic, Specialist Practitioner
R1030 Orthotist
R1040 Orthotist Consultant
R1050 Orthotist Manager
R1060 Orthotist Specialist Practitioner
R1150 Prosthetist
R1160 Prosthetist Consultant
R1170 Prosthetist Manager
R1180 Prosthetist Specialist Practitioner
R0710 Art Therapist
R0720 Art Therapist Consultant
R0730 Art Therapist Manager
R0740 Art Therapist Specialist Practitioner
R0830 Drama Therapist
R0840 Drama Therapist Consultant
R0850 Drama Therapist Manager
R0860 Drama Therapist Specialist Practitioner
R0870 Multi Therapist
R0880 Multi Therapist Consultant
R0890 Multi Therapist Manager
R0900 Multi Therapist Specialist Practitioner
R0910 Music Therapist
R0920 Music Therapist Consultant
R0930 Music Therapist Manager
R0940 Music Therapist Specialist Practitioner
R0955 Speech & Language Therapist
R0965 Speech & Language Therapist Consultant
R0975 Speech & Language Therapist Manager
R0985 Speech & Language Therapist Specialist Practitioner
R9500 Social Services Senior Management
R9505 Social Services Policy and Planning
R9510 Social Services Information Manager
R9515 Social Work Team Manager (Children)
R9520 Senior Social Worker (Children)
R9525 Social Services Care Manager (Children)
R9530 Social Work Assistant (Children)
R9535 Child Protection Worker
R9540 Family Placement Worker
R9545 Community Worker (Children)
R9550 Occupational Therapist
R9555 Occupational Therapist Assistant
R9560 Occupational Therapy Team Manager
R9565 Social Work Team Manager (Adults)
R9570 Senior Social Worker (Adults)
R9575 Social Services Care Manager (Adults)
R9580 Social Work Assistant (Adults)
R9585 Social Work Team Manager (Mental Health)
R9590 Senior Social Worker (Mental Health)
R9595 Social Services Care Manager (Mental Health)
R9600 Social Work Assistant (Mental Health)
R9605 Emergency Duty Social Worker
R9615 Social Services Driver
R9620 Home Care Organiser
R9625 Home Care Administrator
R9630 Home Help
R9635 Warden
R9640 Meals on Wheels Organiser
R9645 Meals Delivery
R9650 Day Centre Manager
R9655 Day Centre Deputy
R9660 Day Centre Officer
R9665 Day Centre Care Staff
R9670 Family Centre Manager
R9675 Family Centre Deputy
R9680 Family Centre Worker
R9685 Nursery Manager
R9690 Nursery Deputy
R9695 Nursery Worker
R9700 Playgroup Leader
R9705 Playgroup Assistant
R9710 Residential Manager
R9715 Residential Deputy
R9720 Residential Worker
R9725 Residential Care Staff
R9730 Intermediate Care Manager
R9735 Intermediate Care Deputy
R9740 Intermediate Care Worker
R9745 Intermediate Care Staff
R9750 Social Care SAP User
R9755 Social Care SAP Manager
R1270 Clinical Director
R1280 Optometrist
R1290 Pharmacist
R1979 Medical Technical Officer - Pharmacy
R1300 Psychotherapist
R1310 Clinical Psychologist
R1320 Chaplain
R1330 Social Worker
R1340 Approved Social Worker
R1350 Youth Worker
R1360 Specialist Practitioner
R1370 Practitioner
R0011 Dispenser
R1380 Technician - PS&T
R1390 Osteopath
R1400 Healthcare Scientist
R1410 Consultant Healthcare Scientist
R1420 Biomedical Scientist
R0019 Medical Technical Officer
R1430 Technician - Healthcare Scientists
R1440 Therapist
R1540 Associate Practitioner
R1543 Associate Practitioner - Nurse
R1547 Associate Practitioner - General Practitioner
R1560 Helper/Assistant
R1600 Cytoscreener
R1570 Dental Surgery Assistant
R1450 Health Care Support Worker
R1580 Medical Laboratory Assistant
R1550 Counsellor
R0002 Porter
R1690 Call Operator
R1700 Gateway Worker
R1710 Support, Time, Recovery Worker
R1480 Healthcare Assistant
R1490 Nursery Nurse
R1590 Phlebotomist
R1460 Social Care Support Worker
R1470 Home Help
R1520 Technician - Additional Clinical Services
R1530 Technical Instructor
R1980 Patient Welfare Officer
R1500 Play Therapist
R1510 Play Specialist
R1610 Student Technician
R1620 Trainee Scientist
R1630 Trainee Practitioner
R1640 Nursing Cadet
R1650 Healthcare Cadet
R1660 Pre-reg Pharmacist
R1670 Assistant Psychologist
R1680 Assistant Psychotherapist
R0007 ERS SDS Organisation Reporting Analyst
R0008 Demographic Supervisor
R0021 DSA NHS Number Manager (Temporary)
R0022 DSA National Clinical Supervisor (Temporary)
R0023 DSA National Clinical Administrator (Temporary)
R1720 Clerical Worker
R1730 Receptionist
R1740 Secretary
R1750 Personal Assistant
R1751 Demographic Administrator (Sensitive Records) Temporary
R1760 Medical Secretary
R1770 Officer
R1971 Map of Medicine Administrator
R1973 Community Administrator
R1977 ECC/CPA Administrator
R1978 Information Officer
R1985 Health Records Clerk
R1995 End Point Approver
R5010 Network Technician
R5040 Desktop Support Administrator
R5090 Registration Authority Agent
R5110 Demographic Administrator
R5120 ISP Administrator
R5130 Technical Codes Administrator
R5140 OSS Administrator
R5170 End Point Administrator
R5175 End Point Viewer
R5181 RTS Dashboard User
R5183 RTS BT Dashboard User
R5186 ERS BT Customer SLA User
R5188 ERS BT Supplier SLA User
R5189 ERS LogicaCMG SLA User
R5190 Content Creator
R5195 Content Publisher
R5210 User Details Administrator
R5250 EBS Administrator
R6010 Appointments Clerk
R6030 Ward Clerk
R6050 Clinical Coder
R6060 Medical Records Clerk
R6080 Waiting List Clerk
R7100 Trainer
R7110 Training Manager
R7120 Directory of Services Coordinator
R9756 ETP System Administrator
R1780 Manager
R1790 Senior Manager
R1910 Chair
R1920 Chief Executive
R1930 Finance Director
R1940 Other Executive Director
R1950 Board Level Director
R1960 Non Executive Director
R1970 Childcare Co-ordinator
R1982 Senior Administrator
R1983 Ward Manager
R1986 Workgroup Administrator
R1987 National RBAC Attribute Administrator
R1988 National RBAC Baseline Policy Administrator
R1989 Complaints Coordinator
R1990 Complaints Investigator
R1996 End Point DNS Administrator
R1997 End Point Spine Administrator
R1998 End Point Super User
R1999 End Point Service Administrator
R5000 Network Administrator
R5003 Cluster System Administrator
R5007 System Administrator
R5020 Helpdesk Administrator
R5060 Security Policy Controller
R5070 Senior Security Manager
R5072 Root Registration Authority Manager
R5080 Registration Authority Manager
R5100 Audit Manager
R5105 Caldicott Guardian
R5180 NASP Service Manager
R5182 ERS ETP System Administrator
R5184 ERS Spine SLA Manager
R5185 ERS BT Customer SLA Manager
R5187 ERS BT Supplier SLA Manager
R5191 ERS Support Administrator
R5192 ECS Administrator
R5300 Portal Administrator
R5310 LiquidLogic Administrator
R5320 i.EPR Administrator
R5330 Synergy Administrator
R5340 SystmOne Administrator
R6020 Outpatient Manager
R6040 Bed Manager
R6070 Medical Records Manager
R6090 Waiting List Manager
R6100 Mental Health Act Administrator
R6160 Ad-hoc Report Manager
R7130 PAS Manager
R1800 Technician - Admin & Clerical
R1810 Accountant
R1820 Librarian
R1830 Interpreter
R1840 Analyst
R1850 Adviser
R1860 Researcher
R1870 Control Assistant
R1880 Architect
R1890 Lawyer
R1900 Surveyor
R5030 Helpdesk Technician
R5050 Desktop Support Technician
R5150 System Worker
R5400 Availability Monitor
R8000 Clinical Practitioner Access Role
R8001 Nurse Access Role
R8002 Nurse Manager Access Role
R8003 Health Professional Access Role
R8004 Healthcare Student Access Role
R8016 Midwife Access Role
R8017 Midwife Manager Access Role
R8024 Bank Access Role
R8005 Biomedical Scientist Access Role
R8006 Medical Secretary Access Role
R8007 Clinical Coder Access Role
R8008 Admin/Clinical Support Access Role
R8015 Systems Support Access Role
R0001 Privacy Officer
R8009 Receptionist Access Role
R8010 Clerical Access Role
R8011 Clerical Manager Access Role
R8012 Information Officer Access Role
R8013 Health Records Manager Access Role
R8014 Social Worker Access Role