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Example Observation: InterweaveObservationHeartRateExample-Full

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "InterweaveObservationHeartRateExample-Full" Version "InterweaveObservation-HeartRateExample-v1.0.0" Updated "2022-02-01 09:37:00+0000"

Profiles: InterweaveObservationHeartRate, CareConnect-HeartRate-Observation-1


identifier: id: RCB.HRTRate123

status: final

category: Vital Signs (Observation Category Codes#vital-signs)

code: Heart rate (LOINC#8867-4; SNOMED CT#364075005)

subject: Patient/InterweavePatientExample-MustSupport: Mr Fred BLOGGS " BLOGGS"

context: Encounter/InterweaveEncounterExample-MaturityLevel1

effective: 1999-07-02

performer: Practitioner/InterweavePractitionerExample: Dr Jane BLOGGS " BLOGGS"

value: 44 beats/minute (Details: UCUM code /min = '/min')

comment: this is comment.

bodySite: Entire right radial artery (SNOMED CT#89971009)

method: Auscultation (SNOMED CT#37931006)


*60 beats/minute (Details: UCUM code /min = '/min')100 beats/minute (Details: UCUM code /min = '/min')