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ValueSet: InterweaveNICIP codes

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Active as of 2023-08-14 Computable Name: InterweaveNICIP codes

National Interim Clinical Imaging Procedure codes


Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set has >1000 codes in it. In order to keep the publication size manageable, only a selection (1000 codes) of the whole set of codes is shown

Expansion based on InterweaveNICIP codes v0.1.0 (CodeSystem)

  CABDO Abdomen
  CABDOB Guided biopsy abdomen
  CABDOD Guided drainage abdomen
  CABPE Abdomen and pelvis
  CACDB Angio aortic arch and carotid Both
  CACRY Cardiac angiogram coronary
  CADRB Adrenal Both
  CAICN Angiogram intracranial
  CALLB Angiogram lower limb Both
  CAPUG Angiogram pulmonary
  CAULB Angiogram upper limb Both
  CBILI Cholangiogram
  CBPLX Brachial plexus
  CCABD Thorax and abdomen
  CCALB Calcaneus Both
  CCHAP Thorax abdomen and pelvis
  CCHES Thorax
  CCSPN Spine cervical
  CCSPNT Spine cervical myelogram
  CDEXA Bone densitometry
  CELBB Elbow Both
  CFACE Facial bones
  CFACI Face
  CFARB Forearm Both
  CFLMO Floor of mouth
  CFOOB Foot Both
  CFOOL Foot Lt
  CFOOR Foot Rt
  CHANB Hand Both
  CHIPB Hip Both
  CIAMB Internal auditory meatus Both
  CJSHB Arthrogram shoulder Both
  CJSHL Arthrogram shoulder Lt
  CJSHR Arthrogram shoulder Rt
  CKIDB Renal Both
  CKNEB Knee Both
  CLARY Larynx
  CLIVE Liver
  CLIVEB Guided biopsy liver
  CLOLB Lower leg Both
  CLOLL Lower leg Lt
  CLOLR Lower leg Rt
  CLSPN Spine lumbar
  CLSPNT Spine lumbar myelogram
  CMAND Mandible
  CMEDM Mediastinum
  CMSTB Mastoid Both
  CNECK Neck
  CNECKB Guided biopsy neck
  CORBB Orbit Both
  CPANCB Guided biopsy pancreas
  CPANS Pancreas
  CPELV Pelvis
  CPELVB Guided biopsy pelvis
  CPITF Pituitary
  CPNAS Post nasal space
  CPOSF Posterior fossa
  CPTRS Petrous bones
  CPVMY Pelvimetry
  CSACM Spine sacral
  CSAPA Parotid
  CSIAW Salivary glands
  CSINU Sinuses
  CSKUH Head
  CTHIB Upper leg Both
  CTHIL Upper leg Lt
  CTHIR Upper leg Rt
  CTHSPT Spine thoracic myelogram
  CTSPN Spine thoracic
  CUPAB Upper arm Both
  CUPAL Upper arm Lt
  CUPAR Upper arm Rt
  CVBRY Bronchoscopy virtual
  CWRIB Wrist Both
  FABDO abdomen
  FABRN bronchial
  FACAB carotid Both
  FACAL carotid Lt
  FACAR carotid Rt
  FACEG cerebral
  FACLV Angio Lt heart study
  FACOE coeliac
  FACRH Angio Rt heart study
  FAHEP hepatic
  FAIMA inferior mesenteric artery
  FANPB pyelogram Both
  FANPL pyelogram Lt
  FANPR pyelogram Rt
  FAOVA ovarian
  FAPUG pulmonary
  FAREN renal
  FARTK renal transplant
  FASLN splenic
  FASMA superior mesenteric artery
  FASPN spinal
  FATES testicular
  FATHAS stent thoracic aorta
  FAULB upper limb Both
  FAULL upper limb Lt
  FAULR upper limb Rt
  FAVTB vertebral Both
  FAVTL vertebral Lt
  FAVTR vertebral Rt
  FBAEN enema
  FBAME meal
  FBASM swallow and meal
  FBASW swallow
  FCARD Angio coronaries
  FCSMGT cervical
  FCVSG cavernogram
  FHART heart
  FHIPB hip Both
  FHIPL hip Lt
  FHIPR hip Rt
  FICVG vena cavogram
  FJIBB iliopsoas Both
  FJIBL iliopsoas Lt
  FJIBR iliopsoas Rt
  FLLVB leg Both
  FLLVL leg Lt
  FLLVR leg Rt
  FLOLB lower limb Both
  FLOOG gastrointestinal tract
  FLSMGT lumbar
  FLSPN lumbar spine
  FMCYS cystourethrogram
  FNPGB Both
  FPECV cavernosogram
  FPELV pelvis
  FPELVV pelvic
  FPOCHM cholangiogram
  FPTCH transhepatic cholangiogram
  FSBEN small bowel enema
  FSBME small bowel meal
  FSPLV splenic
  FSVCG vena cavogram
  FTEVB testicular Both
  FTHMGT thoracic
  FTHOX thorax
  FTTCH cholangiogram
  FULVB arm Both
  FULVL arm Lt
  FULVR arm Rt
  FUPLB upper limb Both
  FVENG cerebral
  FVENH hepatic
  FVIDS swallow
  FVSBW sampling whole body
  FWASW soluble contrast swallow
  FWSEN soluble contrast enema
  FWSMF Sol Cont meal and follow through
  IAAFMP aortofemoral
  IAAPSE aortic arch
  IAATTJ aortofemoral
  IABROE bronchial artery
  IACABS stent carotid Both
  IACALS stent carotid Lt
  IACARS stent carotid Rt
  IACCBP common carotid Both
  IACCLP common carotid Lt
  IACCRP common carotid Rt
  IACEGE cerebral artery
  IACOAS Angio coronary stent
  IACOEE coeliac artery
  IACOEP coeliac
  IACOES stent coeliac
  IAFEBS stent femoral Both
  IAFELS stent femoral Lt
  IAFERS stent femoral Rt
  IAHEPE hepatic artery
  IAILBP iliac Both
  IAILLP iliac Lt
  IAILRP iliac Rt
  IAIMAP inferior mesenteric artery
  IAIPBP infrapopliteal Both
  IAIPLP infrapopliteal Lt
  IAIPRP infrapopliteal Rt
  IAORAP aorta
  IAPFBP profunda femoris Both
  IAPFLP profunda femoris Lt
  IAPFRP profunda femoris Rt
  IAREBE embolisation renal artery Both
  IAREBP renal Both
  IARELP renal Lt
  IARERP renal Rt
  IARTKP renal transplant
  IASCBP subclavian Both
  IASCLP subclavian Lt
  IASCRP subclavian Rt
  IASFBP superficial femoral Both
  IASFLP superficial femoral Lt
  IASFRP superficial femoral Rt
  IASIBS stent iliac Both
  IASILS stent iliac Lt
  IASIRS stent iliac Rt
  IASMAP superior mesenteric
  IASPNP splenic
  IAXCBP external carotid Both
  IAXCLP external carotid Lt
  IAXCRP external carotid Rt
  IBILIS bile duct stent
  IBRONS stent
  ICARDN Angio aspiration
  IDUOSS stent insertion
  IMESAE mesenteric artery
  IOESDP dilatation
  IOESSS stent insertion
  ITLLBJ lower limb Both
  ITLLLJ lower limb Lt
  ITLLRJ lower limb Rt
  ITULBJ upper limb Both
  ITULLJ upper limb Lt
  ITULRJ upper limb Rt
  IURTHS stent
  IVTESE of testicular vein
  MABDO Abdomen
  MABPA Pancreas
  MACOA Cardiac coronary arteries
  MADRB Adrenal Both
  MAGUT Visceral
  MAICA Head
  MALLB Lower limb Both
  MAPUA Pulmonary arteries
  MAREV Renal and visceral
  MAULB Upper limb Both
  MAULL Upper limb Lt
  MAULR Upper limb Rt
  MAXIB Axilla Both
  MAXIL Axilla Lt
  MAXIR Axilla Rt
  MBRPX Brachial plexus
  MCARD Heart
  MCHES Thorax
  MCOLO Colon
  MCORP Cardiac perfusion
  MCSPN Spine cervical
  MELBB Elbow Both
  MFARB Forearm Both
  MFINB Fingers Both
  MFINL Fingers Lt
  MFINR Fingers Rt
  MFOOB Foot Both
  MHANB Hand Both
  MHIPB Hip Both
  MIAMB Internal auditory meatus Both
  MJANB Arthrogram ankle Both
  MJELB Arthrogram elbow Both
  MJKNB Arthrogram knee Both
  MJSHB Arthrogram shoulder Both
  MJWRB Arthrogram wrist Both
  MKIDB Renal Both
  MKNEB Knee Both
  MLARY Larynx
  MLOLB Lower leg Both
  MLOLL Lower leg Lt
  MLOLR Lower leg Rt
  MLULB Lower limb Both
  MLYMP Lymphogram
  MMAMB Breast Both
  MNECK Neck
  MORBB Orbit Both
  MPARD Parotid
  MPELV Pelvis
  MPITF Pituitary
  MPLVY Pelvimetry
  MSHRB Shoulder Both
  MSINU Sinuses
  MSKPE Head brain perfusion study
  MSKUH Head
  MTHYD Thyroid
  MTMJB Temporomandibular joint Both
  MTSPN Spine thoracic
  MUPAB Upper arm Both
  MVICV Cranial
  MVIVC Inferior vena cava
  MVLLB Lower limb Both
  MVSKU Cerebral veins
  MVSVC Superior vena cava
  MVULB Upper limb Both
  MVULL Upper limb Lt
  MVULR Upper limb Rt
  MWRIB Wrist Both
  NBOMA Bone marrow scan
  NBONE Bone localised
  NBONW Bone whole body
  NCHEQ Lung perfusion scan Q
  NCHEV Lung ventilation scan V
  NCMPS Cardiac myocardial perfusion scan
  NCOLO Colon transit study
  NDCGM Lacrimal scintidacrocystogram
  NGERS Gastrooesphageal reflux scan
  NGIBS Gastrointestinal bleed scan
  NINFI Infection scan
  NLIVS Liver and spleen
  NLYMP Lymphoscintigram
  NPNSC Peritoneoscrotography
  NSHUN CSF shuntogram
  NSIND Sacroiliac scan
  NSMAB Breast scintimammogram Both
  NSMAL Breast scintimammogram Lt
  NSMAR Breast scintimammogram Rt
  NSPLN Spleen scan
  NTHLO Thrombus localisation
  NVLLL Venogram lower limb Lt
  NVLLR Venogram lower limb Rt
  NVULL Venogram upper limb Lt
  UABDO Abdomen
  UABPE Abdomen and pelvis
  UACTB Achilles tendon Both
  UACTL Achilles tendon Lt
  UACTR Achilles tendon Rt
  UAILB Doppler iliac and femoral artery Both
  UALLB Doppler femoropopliteal artery Both
  UALLL Doppler femoropopliteal artery Lt
  UALLR Doppler femoropopliteal artery Rt
  UANKB Ankle Both
  UANKL Ankle Lt
  UANKR Ankle Rt
  UAORT Abdominal aorta
  UDCAB Doppler carotid artery Both
  UDCAL Doppler carotid artery Lt
  UDCAR Doppler carotid artery Rt
  UDIAL Doppler iliac and femoral artery Lt
  UDIAR Doppler iliac and femoral artery Rt
  UDRNB Doppler renal Both
  UDRNL Doppler renal Lt
  UDRNR Doppler renal Rt
  UEXT Extremity
  UGRNL Groin Lt
  UGRNR Groin Rt
  UHANB Hand Both
  UHANL Hand Lt
  UHANR Hand Rt
  UHYSTC Hysterosalpingogram
  UKIDB Kidney Both
  UKIDL Kidney Lt
  UKIDR Kidney Rt
  UKNEB Knee Both
  UKNEL Knee Lt
  UKNER Knee Rt
  ULABD Lower abdomen
  ULIVE Liver
  UMAML Breast Lt
  UMAMR Breast Rt
  UNECK Neck
  UORBB Eye Both
  UORBL Eye Lt
  UORBR Eye Rt
  UPELV Pelvis
  UPEND Doppler penis
  UPROS Prostate
  UPTHY Parathyroid
  USGPA Salivary glands parotid
  USGSM Salivary glands submandibular
  USHRB Shoulder Both
  USHRL Shoulder Lt
  USHRR Shoulder Rt
  USPN Spine
  UTEST Testes
  UTHYD Thyroid
  UTRRE Transplant kidney
  UUTR Urinary tract
  UVTAB Doppler vertebral artery Both
  UVTAL Doppler vertebral artery Lt
  UVTAR Doppler vertebral artery Rt
  UWRIB Wrist Both
  UWRIL Wrist Lt
  UWRIR Wrist Rt
  XABDO Abdomen
  XACJB Acromioclavicular joint Both
  XACJL Acromioclavicular joint Lt
  XACJR Acromioclavicular joint Rt
  XCALB Calcaneus Both
  XCALL Calcaneus Lt
  XCALR Calcaneus Rt
  XCHAB Chest and abdomen
  XCHES Chest
  XCLAB Clavicle Both
  XCLAL Clavicle Lt
  XCLAR Clavicle Rt
  XCOCX Coccyx
  XCOLT Colonic transit study
  XCSPN Cervical spine
  XCTJN Cervicothoracic junction
  XDEXA densitometry DXA
  XDLO Dental mandibular occlusal
  XDPA Dental periapical 5
  XDPB Dental periapical 10
  XDPC Dental periapical 10 plus
  XDPF Dental periapical full
  XDUO Dental maxillary occlusal
  XELBB Elbow Both
  XELBL Elbow Lt
  XELBR Elbow Rt
  XFACI Facial bones
  XFARB Radius and ulna Both
  XFARL Radius and ulna Lt
  XFARR Radius and ulna Rt
  XFEMB Femur Both
  XFEML Femur Lt
  XFEMR Femur Rt
  XFIIL Finger index Lt
  XFIIR Finger index Rt
  XFILL Finger little Lt
  XFILR Finger little Rt
  XFIML Finger middle Lt
  XFIMR Finger middle Rt
  XFINL Fingers Lt
  XFINR Fingers Rt
  XFIRL Finger ring Lt
  XFIRR Finger ring Rt
  XHANB Hand Both
  XHANL Hand Lt
  XHANR Hand Rt
  XHIPB Hip Both
  XHIPL Hip Lt
  XHIPR Hip Rt
  XIVC Intravenous cholangiogram
  XIVU Intravenous urogram
  XLARY Larynx
  XLSPN Lumbar spine
  XMAND Mandible
  XMASB Mastoid Both
  XMCGL pneumocystogram Lt
  XMCGR pneumocystogram Rt
  XNASA Nasal bones
  XNEST Neck soft tissue
  XOCHG cholecystogram
  XOPTBO Orthopantomogram full
  XOPTLO Orthopantomogram Lt
  XOPTRO Orthopantomogram Rt
  XORBB Orbit Both
  XPATB Patella Both
  XPATH Pathological specimen
  XPATL Patella Lt
  XPATR Patella Rt
  XPELV Pelvis
  XPNSP Post nasal space
  XPSIN Paranasal sinuses
  XSACM Sacrum
  XSALI Salivary glands
  XSCAB Scaphoid Both
  XSCAL Scaphoid Lt
  XSCAR Scaphoid Rt
  XSCJB Sternoclavicular joint Both
  XSCPB Scapula Both
  XSCPL Scapula Lt
  XSCPR Scapula Rt
  XSGMB submandibular Both
  XSGML submandibular Lt
  XSGMR submandibular Rt
  XSHRB Shoulder Both
  XSHRL Shoulder Lt
  XSHRR Shoulder Rt
  XSIJB Sacroiliac joint Both
  XSKPF Skull pituitary fossa
  XSKUH Skull
  XSTJB Subtalar joint Both
  XSTJL Subtalar joint Lt
  XSTJR Subtalar joint Rt
  XSTRM Sternum
  XTHIN Thoracic inlet
  XTHUB Thumb Both
  XTHUL Thumb Lt
  XTHUR Thumb Rt
  XTLSP Thoracolumbar spine
  XTMJB Temporomandibular joint Both
  XTMJL Temporomandibular joint Lt
  XTMJR Temporomandibular joint Rt
  XTOEL Toes Lt
  XTOER Toes Rt
  XTOGL Toe great Lt
  XTOGR Toe great Rt
  XTSPN Thoracic spine
  XUPAB Humerus Both
  XUPAL Humerus Lt
  XUPAR Humerus Rt
  XWRIB Wrist Both
  XWRIL Wrist Lt
  XWRIR Wrist Rt
  NC13U C13 urea breath test
  NVULR Venogram upper limb Rt
  XFANKR Foot and ankle Right
  XFANKL Foot and ankle Left
  XFANKB Foot and ankle Both
  OTORS photography torso
  OPELG photography pelvis and genitalia
  OUPLR photography upper limbs Right
  OUPLL photography upper limbs Left
  OUPLB photography upper limbs Both
  OLOLR photography lower limbs Right
  OLOLL photography lower limbs Left
  OLOLB photography lower limbs Both
  OSPEC photography specimen
  IPGFTP Graft
  XLTDD thoracic lymphangiography
  XLLEB extremity lymphangiography Both
  FAIMR internal mammary artery Right
  FAIML internal mammary artery Left
  FAIMB internal mammary artery Both
  FAMES mesenteric arteries
  FARER renal artery Right
  FAREL renal artery Left
  FAREB renal artery Both
  FALLR lower limbs Right
  FALLL lower limbs Left
  FALLB lower limbs Both
  FAIIR internal iliac artery Right
  FAIIL internal iliac artery Left
  FAIIB internal iliac artery Both
  FAABA abdominal aorta
  FCYSM cystometrogram
  FAOFB aortofemoral lower limb Both
  CCISTT Cisternography
  CCSPDC Spine cervical discogram
  CCSPNC Spine cervical with contrast
  CAAAG Angiogram aorta
  CABDOC Abdomen with contrast
  CACJB Acromioclavicular joint Both
  CACJL Acromioclavicular joint Lt
  CACJR Acromioclavicular joint Rt
  CART Angiogram
  CBIOPB Guided biopsy
  CCASC Cardiac Cor artery calcium scoring
  CCHESC Thorax with contrast
  CHRC Chest high resolution
  CLSPDC Spine lumbar discogram
  CLSPNC Spine lumbar with contrast
  CMFOB Midfoot Both
  CMFOL Midfoot Lt
  CMFOR Midfoot Rt
  CPELVC Pelvis with contrast
  CPELVD Guided drainage pelvis
  CPOSFC Posterior fossa with contrast
  CSCAN Scanogram for leg length
  CSCJB Sternoclavicular joint Both
  CSIAWC Salivary glands with contrast
  CSKUHC Head with contrast
  CTMJB Temporomandibular joint Both
  CTSPNC Spine thoracic with contrast
  EUPAN US pancreas
  FACCB common carotid Both
  FACCL common carotid Lt
  FACCR common carotid Rt
  FADVB adrenal Both
  FADVL adrenal Lt
  FADVR adrenal Rt
  FAICB internal carotid Both
  FAICL internal carotid Lt
  FAICR internal carotid Rt
  FAILA iliac
  FAXCB external carotid Both
  FAXCL external carotid Lt
  FAXCR external carotid Rt
  FBACE barium enema
  FCARC Angio congenital anomaly study
  FCARDB guided cardiac biopsy
  FCDISC cervical
  FCEPS electrophysiology study
  FCSPN cervical spine
  FDCGB Both
  FDIAP diaphragm
  FJOIN joint
  FKNEB knee Both
  FKNEL knee Lt
  FKNER knee Rt
  FPCAN diagnostic angiography
  FPTCP Catheter patency check
  FRICD defibrillator revision
  FRPPM permanent pacemaker revision
  FSKUH skull
  FVAGG vaginogram
  FVENJU jugular
  FVLPH velopharynx
  FVSUV subclavian
  FWADA study
  IATHAX laser
  IATHCX cutting balloon
  IATHOX rotor
  IFEMAI line insertion
  ITRACS stent fluoroscopic guided
  MAAOA Aorta abdominal
  MAAOT Aorta thoracic
  MBIOPB Guided biopsy
  MCCMS Cardiac complex congenital
  MCSPNC Spine cervical with contrast
  MCTSP Spine cervicothoracic
  MFUNC Functional imaging
  MJDIP Arthrogram interphalangeal joint
  MJTMB Arthrogram temporomandibular Jt Both
  MJTML Arthrogram temporomandibular Jt Lt
  MJTMR Arthrogram temporomandibular Jt Rt
  MPERF Perfusion weighted
  MPEST Pelvis prostate
  MRECT Pelvis rectum
  MSCRO Scrotum
  MSIAG Salivary glands
  MSKUS Head spectroscopy
  MSPEC Spectroscopy
  MTHIB Femur Both
  MTHIN Thoracic inlet and outlet
  MTLSP Spine thoracolumbar
  MTSPNC Spine thoracic with contrast
  MUROG Urogram
  MVENO Venogram
  MWBOD Whole body
  N123W Iodine 123 whole body
  NAMYS Amyloid study
  NBLDP Blood pool scan
  NC14G C14 glychocholic breath test
  NC14U C14 urea breath test
  NCEAW CEA scan whole body
  NCHVQ Lung ventilation and perfusion
  NCNRNO Cardiac rest PET NH3
  NCSFD CSF leak detection and localisation
  NEITS Oesophageal isotope transit study
  NFEKS Iron metabolism study
  NFOCC Faecal occult blood loss
  NLUMU Lung mucociliary clearance
  NLUPS Lung permeability study
  NMCUD MCUG direct
  NMCUI MCUG indirect
  NMETSO Methionine tumour imaging local PET
  NMIBGY Iodine 131 MIBG therapy
  NOCT Octreotide scan
  NOCTW Octreotide scan whole body
  NPROT Protein losing enteropathy study
  NPRRE Probe renogram
  NRCSQ Red cell sequestration study
  NRCVI Red cell survival study
  NSCHI Schilling test B12 malabsorption
  NSIAM Salivary glands scintisialogram
  NSKUD Brain scan first pass
  NSR89Y Strontium 89 therapy
  NTU12 Thyroid uptake Iodine 123 no images
  NTU13 Thyroid uptake Iodine 131 no images
  NTUIP Tumour imaging planar
  NTUIW Tumour imaging whole body
  NY90TY Y90 antibody therapy
  UABPI Ankle and brachial pressure index
  UADRB Adrenal Both
  UAMNI Guided amniocentesis
  UANOM Obstetric fetal anatomy scan
  UBIOPB Guided biopsy
  UBUTL Buttock Lt
  UBUTR Buttock Rt
  UCALB Calcaneus Both
  UCALL Calcaneus Lt
  UCALR Calcaneus Rt
  UCARDN Guided pericardiocentesis
  UDIAP Diaphragmatic region
  UDOPP Doppler
  UFARB Forearm Both
  UFARL Forearm Lt
  UFARR Forearm Rt
  UFBLC Foreign body localisation
  UFETD Guided foeticide
  UFINL Finger Lt
  UFINR Finger Rt
  UFOTA Follicular tracking transabdominal
  UGAPY Gastric pylorus
  UGBLD Gallbladder
  UIART Intrarterial
  UINGU Groin and inguinal region
  ULLDL Lower leg Lt
  UMAMB Breast Both
  UOBPP Obstetric biophysical profile
  UODAT Obstetric dating scan
  UODNU Obstetric nuchal dating scan
  UODOP Obstetric doppler study
  UOFG Obstetric fetal growth
  UOLR Liquor reduction
  UPANC Pancreas
  UPANCB Guided biopsy pancreas
  UPANCD Guided drainage pancreas
  UPELVB Guided biopsy pelvis
  UPELVD Guided drainage pelvis
  UPEN Penis
  UPLAC Obstetric placental localisation
  USACM Sacrum
  USKUH Skull
  UTHYDD Guided drainage thyroid
  UTOEG Transoesophageal echocardiogram
  UTRPT Transrectal prostate
  UUPAL Upper arm Lt
  UUPAR Upper arm Rt
  XBLAD Bladder
  XCATB Carpal tunnel Both
  XCATL Carpal tunnel Lt
  XCATR Carpal tunnel Rt
  XFBOB Orbit foreign body demonstration Both
  XFFOB Forefoot Both
  XFFOL Forefoot Lt
  XFFOR Forefoot Rt
  XHDXB mineral densitometry hip Both
  XHDXL mineral densitometry hip Lt
  XHDXR mineral densitometry hip Rt
  XHFOB Hindfoot Both
  XHFOL Hindfoot Lt
  XHFOR Hindfoot Rt
  XHWBA Hand and wrist for bone age
  XILIU Ilium
  XKIDB Kidney Both
  XKIDL Kidney Lt
  XKIDR Kidney Rt
  XLDEX mineral densitometry lumbar spine
  XLMAB Mammogram lateral view Both
  XLMAL Mammogram lateral view Lt
  XLMAR Mammogram lateral view Rt
  XLOLB Tibia and fibula Both
  XLOLL Tibia and fibula Lt
  XLOLR Tibia and fibula Rt
  XLSSJ Lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint
  XMACBB Mammo guided core biopsy breast Both
  XMACLB Mammo guided core biopsy breast Lt
  XMACRB Mammo guided core biopsy breast Rt
  XMAEB Mammogram extended view Both
  XMAEL Mammogram extended view Lt
  XMAER Mammogram extended view Rt
  XMAFBN Mammogram guided FNA breast Both
  XMAFLN Mammogram guided FNA breast Lt
  XMAFRN Mammogram guided FNA breast Rt
  XMALB Mammo guided guidewire Loc breast B
  XMALL Mammo guided guidewire Loc breast Lt
  XMALR Mammo guided guidewire Loc breast Rt
  XMAMBN Mammo guided aspiration breast Both
  XMAMLN Mammo guided aspiration breast Lt
  XMAMRN Mammo guided aspiration breast Rt
  XMCGB pneumocystogram Both
  XMDEX mineral densitometry mandible
  XMFCBB Guided FNA and core Bx breast B
  XMFCLB Guided FNA and core Bx breast Lt
  XMFCRB Guided FNA and core Bx breast Rt
  XMMAB Mammogram magnification view Both
  XMMAL Mammogram magnification view Lt
  XMMAR Mammogram magnification view Rt
  XMPABB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx Both
  XMPALB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx Lt
  XMPARB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx Rt
  XMPBBB Stereo mammogram and core Bx Both
  XMPBLB Stereo Mammo and core biopsy Lt
  XMPBRB Stereo Mammo and core biopsy Rt
  XMPLB Stereo Mammo and guidewire Loc B
  XMPLL Stereo Mammo and guidewire Loc Lt
  XMPLR Stereo Mammo and guidewire Loc Rt
  XMPSBA stereotactic mammogram and FNA B
  XMPSLA stereotactic mammogram and FNA Lt
  XMPSRA stereotactic mammogram and FNA Rt
  XMUABB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx B
  XMUALB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx Lt
  XMUARB Stereo Mammo FNA and core Bx Rt
  XMUBBB Stereo mammogram and core Bx B
  XMUBLB stereo mammogram and core Bx Lt
  XMUBRB stereo mammogram and core Bx Rt
  XMULB Stereo Mammo and guidewire Loc B
  XMULL Stereo Mammo guidewire Loc Lt
  XMULR Stereo Mammo guidewire Loc Rt
  XMUSBA stereo mammogram and FNA Both
  XMUSLA stereo mammogram and FNA Lt
  XMUSRA stereo mammogram and FNA Rt
  XMUVBB Stereo Mammo and Vac Ass Bx Both
  XMUVLB Stereo Mammo and Vac Ass Bx Lt
  XMUVRB Stereo Mammo and Vac Ass Bx Rt
  XPDEX mineral densitometry peripheral
  XPEN Penis
  XPVMY Pelvimetry
  XRIBL Ribs Lt
  XRIBR Ribs Rt
  XSACX Sacrum and coccyx
  XSGPB parotid Both
  XSGPL parotid Lt
  XSGPR parotid Rt
  XWRSB Carpometacarpal Jt with stress Both
  XWRSL Carpometacarpal joint with stress Lt
  XWRSR Carpometacarpal joint with stress Rt
  XWSPN Whole spine
  XZYGB Zygoma Both
  XZYGL Zygoma Lt
  XZYGR Zygoma Rt
  UGANGN Guided aspiration ganglion cyst
  FDYCV cavernosography
  FVDPU puncture venography
  FAIUS ultrasound
  UAUTB Doppler uterine artery Both
  UAUTL Doppler uterine artery Left
  UAUTR Doppler uterine artery Right
  CABAO Aorta abdominal
  CAOTH Aorta thoracic
  ESIGMY fibreoptic sigmoidoscopy
  IBAABP balloon test Occl basilic artery
  FCESIY cerebral venous sinus
  FCEREY cerebral
  CURIT Urinary tract
  NTS131 I131 thyroid Radioth planning scan
  EUGIE GI endoscopy
  ELGIE GI endoscopy
  MAREB Renal Both
  MPNAS Post nasal space
  MPOFO Posterior fossa
  NCASH Scan cardiac shunt study
  NCASMC Cardiac iodine 123 MIBG SPECT
  CAREA Angiogram renal and abdominal
  EENTSS guided enteric stent
  ERCSP and sphincterotomy
  NMREN Renogram
  NREND Renogram with diuretic
  UABRE Abdomen and renal tract
  ULLDR Lower leg Rt
  USKFA Craniofacial soft tissues
  XFBD Foreign body demonstration
  XMADB Mammary ductogram Both
  XMADL Mammary ductogram Lt
  XMADR Mammary ductogram Rt
  IPICRP angioplasty internal carotid artery R
  IPICLP angioplasty internal carotid artery L
  IPICBP angioplasty internal carotid artery B
  XLUER extremity lymphangiography Right
  FVPOT venography
  IVTIP venography
  CAOWH Aorta whole
  CHRCHC Chest high resolution with contrast
  FSPINY spinal
  ISTVJE transjugular Emb stomal varices
  MDEFP Defaecating proctogram
  MBRASR Head stereotactic planning
  NPH32Y Phosphorus 32 therapy
  NSKUS Brain scan static
  EIRDMS Biliary stent metal
  EIRDPS Biliary stent plastic
  EOESDP guided oesophageal dilatation
  EOESSS guided oesophageal stent
  EOESSX oesophageal stent removal
  EPYSTP guided pyloric dilatation
  ETRACP guided tracheal dilatation
  MACTV Neck
  IAEIIS SG Ext to internal iliac artery
  IHPOTS stentgraft portal vein
  IHCFBS stentgraft common femoral vein B
  CCLAB Clavicle Both
  CCOCX Coccyx
  CCPP Cranioplasty planning
  CCSFJJ Facet joint injection cervical
  CDCGB Dacrocystogram Both
  CDCGL Dacrocystogram Lt
  CDCGR Dacrocystogram Rt
  CDRAID Guided drainage
  CEARP Planning endovascular aneurysm repair
  CELYS Enteroclysis
  CEMBOE Guided embolisation
  CABLTA Guided ablation
  CABPEC Abdomen and pelvis with contrast
  CADRBC Adrenal with contrast Both
  CASPNN Guided aspiration
  CBONEB Guided biopsy bone
  CBPLXC Brachial plexus with contrast
  CBSSK Base of skull
  CBSSKC Base of skull with contrast
  CCABDC Thorax and abdomen with contrast
  CCHAPC Thorax abdomen pelvis with contrast
  CENEM Contrast enema
  CEPIDJ Guided epidural injection
  CFACIC Face with contrast
  CFARBC Forearm with contrast Both
  CFFOB Forefoot Both
  CFFOL Forefoot Lt
  CFFOR Forefoot Rt
  CFINB Fingers Both
  CFINL Fingers Lt
  CFINR Fingers Rt
  CFLMOC Floor of mouth with contrast
  CIAMBC IAM with contrast
  CIAMBT IAM with intrathecal contrast
  CKIDBC Renal with contrast Both
  CLARYC Larynx with contrast
  CLIVEC Liver with contrast
  CLIVP Liver portogram
  CLMAAA Liver lesion ablation
  CLMAEA Liver lesion ablation ethanol
  CLMAFA Liver lesion ablation RF
  CLMASA Liver lesion ablation laser
  CLOLBC Lower leg with contrast Both
  CLOLLC Lower leg with contrast Lt
  CLOLRC Lower leg with contrast Rt
  CLSFJJ Facet joint injection lumbar
  CLUNGB Guided biopsy lung
  CMEDIC Mediastinum with contrast
  CMIDE Middle ear
  CMIPY Maximum intensity projection study
  CMUGA Cardiac multiple gated acquisition
  CNECH Neck and thorax
  CNECHC Neck and thorax with contrast
  CNECKC Neck with contrast
  CNEPBD Guided nephrostomy Both
  CNEPLD Guided nephrostomy Lt
  CNEPRD Guided nephrostomy Rt
  COOAAA Osteoid osteoma ablation
  COOAEA Osteoid osteoma ablation ethanol
  COOAFA Osteoid osteoma ablation RF
  CORBBC Orbit with contrast Both
  CPANSC Pancreas with contrast
  CPITFC Pituitary with contrast
  CPNASC Post nasal space with contrast
  CRRFBA Guided RF ablation kidney Both
  CRRFLA Guided RF ablation kidney Lt
  CRRFRA Guided RF ablation kidney Rt
  CRTBDR Radiotherapy planning scan bladder
  CRTCHR Radiotherapy planning scan thorax
  CRTMAR Radiotherapy planning scan breast
  CRTNER Radiotherapy planning scan neck
  CRTOBR Radiotherapy planning scan orbit Both
  CRTPER Radiotherapy planning scan pelvis
  CRTPOR Radiotherapy planning scan prostate
  CRTSKR Radiotherapy planning scan head
  CRTSMR Radiotherapy planning scan SMART
  CRTSPR Radiotherapy planning scan spine
  CRTXPR Radiotherapy planning scan
  CSACMC Spine sacral with contrast
  CSAPAC Parotids with contrast
  CSHRBC Shoulder with contrast Both
  CSINJJ Guided injection
  CSINO Sinogram
  CSINUC Sinuses with contrast
  CSKMA Guided skin marking
  CSKPE Brain perfusion study
  CSKUHB Guided biopsy brain
  CSTENS Guided stent insertion
  CSTRM Sternum
  CTEMP Temporal bones
  CTHIBC Upper leg with contrast Both
  CTHILC Upper leg with contrast Lt
  CTHIRC Upper leg with contrast Rt
  CTHUB Thumb Both
  CTHUL Thumb Lt
  CTHUR Thumb Rt
  CTOEB Toes Both
  CTOEL Toes Lt
  CTOER Toes Rt
  CTSFJJ Facet joint injection thoracic
  CUPABC Upper arm with contrast Both
  CUPALC Upper arm with contrast Lt
  CUPARC Upper arm with contrast Rt
  CVECE Venogram cerebral
  CVEIC Venogram Intracranial
  CVENO Venogram
  CWSPN Whole spine
  CWSPNC Spine C T L S with contrast
  EPANCN US Guided aspiration pancreas
  EUGAS US stomach
  EUOES US oesophagus
  FABDG abdominal vessel with CO2 contrast
  FABDOM image intensifier abdomen
  FPHIRM pinning hip Rt
  FPLLBM pinning lower limb Both
  FPLLLM pinning lower limb Lt
  FPLLRM pinning lower limb Rt
  FPLUBM pinning upper limb Both
  FPLULM pinning upper limb Lt
  FPNEU oral pneumocolon
  FPULRM pinning upper limb Rt
  FRETB ureteropyelogram Both
  FRETL ureteropyelogram Lt
  FRETR ureteropyelogram Rt
  FSACM sacrum
  FSACMM image intensifier sacrum
  FSBMF small bowel meal and follow through
  FSHRBB guided biopsy shoulder Both
  FSHRBN guided aspiration shoulder Both
  FSHRLB guided biopsy shoulder Lt
  FSHRLN guided aspiration shoulder Lt
  FSHRRB guided biopsy shoulder Rt
  FSHRRN guided aspiration shoulder Rt
  FSKMA guided skin marking
  FSMBOB guided small bowel biopsy
  FACOG Angio grafts
  FADVS vein sampling
  FAGUT coeliac SMA hepatic and IMA
  FANKB ankle Both

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code