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ValueSet: Interweave R4 Appointment Cancellation Reason

Official URL: Version: 0.1.0
Active as of 2023-08-14 Computable Name: Interweave R4 Appointment Cancellation Reason

Defines a set of reasons for the cancellation of an appointment. Pre-adopted from R4.


Logical Definition (CLD)



This value set contains 32 concepts

Expansion based on Interweave R4 Appointment Cancellation Reason v0.1.0 (CodeSystem)

1  pat
2    pat-crs Canceled via automated reminder system
2    pat-cpp Canceled via Patient Portal
2    pat-dec Deceased
2    pat-fb Feeling Better
2    pat-lt Lack of Transportation
2    pat-mt Member Terminated
2    pat-mv Moved
2    pat-preg Pregnant
2    pat-swl Scheduled from Wait List
2    pat-ucp Unhappy/Changed Provider
1  prov
2    prov-pers Personal
2    prov-dch Discharged
2    prov-edu Edu/Meeting
2    prov-hosp Hospitalized
2    prov-labs Labs Out of Acceptable Range
2    prov-mri MRI Screening Form Marked Do Not Proceed
2    prov-onc Oncology Treatment Plan Changes
1  maint Maintenance/Repair
1  meds-inc Incomplete
1  other
2    oth-cms CMS Therapy Cap Service Not Authorized
2    oth-err Error
2    oth-fin Financial
2    oth-iv Improper IV Access/Infiltrate IV
2    oth-int No Interpreter Available
2    oth-mu Prep/Med/Results Unavailable
2    oth-room Room/Resource Maintenance
2    oth-oerr Schedule Order Error
2    oth-swie Silent Walk In Error
2    oth-weath Weather

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