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Example Encounter: InterweaveEncounterExample-MaturityLevel2-Part1

Generated Narrative

Resource "InterweaveEncounterExample-MaturityLevel2-Part1" Version "InterweaveEncounterExample-v1.0.0" Updated "2022-02-01 09:37:00+0000"

Profiles: InterweaveEncounter, CareConnect-Encounter-1


ExtensionInterweaveR4EncounterServiceType: Accident and Emergency service (SNOMED CT#310000008)

identifier: id: RCB.ENC-321-XYZ

status: finished


status: in-progress

period: 2022-01-08 11:03:00+0000 --> 2022-01-09 09:00:00+0000


status: finished

period: 2022-01-09 09:00:00+0000 --> (ongoing)

class: emergency (Details: code EMER = 'emergency', stated as 'emergency')

type: Seen in minor injuries department (SNOMED CT#113091000000109)

priority: emergency (v3 Code System ActPriority#EM)

subject: Patient/InterweavePatientExample-MustSupport: Mr Fred BLOGGS " BLOGGS"


type: primary performer (v3 Code System ParticipationType#PPRF)

individual: Practitioner/InterweavePractitionerExample: Dr Jane BLOGGS " BLOGGS"


type: admitter (v3 Code System ParticipationType#ADM)

individual: Practitioner/InterweavePractitionerExample: Dr Jane BLOGGS " BLOGGS"

period: 2022-01-08 11:03:00+0000 --> 2022-01-09 09:00:00+0000

reason: Paraffinoma of skin (SNOMED CT#299007)


*Condition/InterweaveConditionExampleChief complaint (DiagnosisRole#CC)1



Resource "InterweaveLocationHouseAdmissionExample"

Profile: InterweaveLocation

status: active

name: 42 Grove Street, LS21 1PF

mode: instance

type: Patient's Residence (v3 Code System RoleCode#PTRES)

address: 42 Grove Street Northville Overtown LS21 1PF

physicalType: House (LocationType#ho)

Usual place of residence unless listed below, for example, a private dwelling whether owner occupied or owned by Local Authority, housing association or other landlord. This includes wardened accommodation but not residential accommodation where health care is provided. It also includes Patients with no fixed abode. (NHS Data Model and Dictionary Source Of Admission#19)


*Location/InterweaveLocationWardExampleAandE: York Hospital: Accident and Emergency "York Hospital: Jubilee Building: Accident and Emergency"completed2022-01-08 11:03:00+0000 --> 2022-01-09 09:00:00+0000

partOf: Encounter/InterweaveEncounterGroupingExample

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